Expert Tips for Oscar-Ready Skin

Watching the Oscars is always fun for most women, and this year was no different. The couture dresses, dazzling jewels, and gorgeous hair and makeup are all part of the glamour and festivities. As a Medical Esthetic Nurse Specialist, what strikes me most as the common denominator for best accessory is luminous skin. Think dewy and radiant – clean and sleek. This ruled the red carpet on Sunday.

Although we may not be going to the Oscars any time soon, we all have special events in our lives where we want to look our best. Preparing the skin to look “Oscar ready” is not done overnight with one facial treatment. Here are some tips to prepare you for your next event and improve your skin’s health.

Have a 6-month plan:

Skincare maintenance takes time, commitment and a combination of treatments. Creating a personalized plan with combined treatments lasting approximately six months is the first step. These treatments can include microneedling and chemical peels for collagen stimulation, dermaplaning for removing peach fuzz, and neurotoxins (eg Botox) and dermal fillers two weeks before the event to give lift and smooth creases. Don’t have six months advance notice? No worries! Treatment plans can be customized to suit any timeframe.

Keep up with treatments at home:

The investment you make with your skincare professional needs to be supported at home with medical grade skincare products. Exfoliate every day. The skin turns over new cells and the process is then boosted by products with retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, growth factors and active ingredients that change the skin. Keep your home care simple but be disciplined and use it every day. Your skin opens up when you are sleeping so retinols and brightening agents need to be applied at night.

Beauty from the inside out:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Cut back (or avoid altogether for faster results) the culprits that dehydrate the skin: coffee, alcohol, salt and sugar. Substitute some of those caramel macchiatos for a glass of water. Your skin will love you for it. Also be sure to rest. Getting eight hours of sleep (or more if you’re able!) does wonders for your skin. Feeling beautiful inside really does make one beautiful outside. Reducing stress, regular exercise, sleep and drinking water all contribute to healthy glowing skin.

Age/sun damage is the new wrinkle:

If your lifestyle involves extensive sun exposure, you will have to work harder to get your skin looking luminous. The new enemy is uneven pigment, also known as solar lentigines, which are caused by sun damage. Chemical peels help even out the skin tone by speeding up skin cell turnover and shedding the outer layer of sun damage. Sunscreen applied during the day is a must!

Whatever your skincare goals are, we can help. Contact our expert staff to get started.


Charlie Blair