Detox for Life with Angie

Did you know that bad skin is a symptom of a buildup of toxins in the body? That in combination with lethargy and fatigue are symptoms of the body’s need for release of toxins. Detox for Life is owned and operated by Angelica Valdivieso and she provides colon hydrotherapy, ionic foot baths, and ear coning to detoxify the body.   According to Angie, “external beauty depends on internal cleansing.” It only makes sense that toxins in your body will show up in the appearance of your skin.

I have been seeing Angie for years as a client. Her warm, professional demeanor make every visit a pleasant and worthwhile experience.   Angie is a vibrant and caring practitioner who provides excellent service to men and women of all ages. Many physicians refer their patients to Angie because they believe in the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. There are many illnesses that benefit from this service, as well as any person who wants to get rid of the natural buildup of toxins in the body. These toxins can cause acne, bloating, bags under the eyes, fatigue, obesity and even cancer.

Some key benefits of colon hydrotherapy include:

-promote colon health through cleansing

-maximize proper absorption of nutrients

-stimulate reflex points in the colon

-stimulate liver, kidney and lymph system to release toxins

The frequency of visits for each individual varies depending on what symptoms and medical history. Angie designs a unique treatment schedule for with each client. There is no down time to her services and most people go right back to work or continue on with regular activities of the day. I always feel better after a visit with Angie at Detox for Life.

In addition to these services, Angie has created some wonderful juice and smoothie recipes that she shares on her blog. They are all delicious and beneficial for cleansing.

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Charlie Blair