A woman I met with gorgeous skin and facial structure was kind enough to tell me where she went for skin treatments. I needed to step up my skin care routine because as I got older, the things that worked in the past just did not do the trick anymore. From my first meeting with Leigh, I have found her to be patient, easy to understand, very knowledgeable about what new magic is available, and she LISTENS! Leigh tailored the treatments I received according to what was important to me and my budget. It is also nice to be adding her Babyface line of skin care products to my routine because they WORK. During the last few months, I have had Botox, dermaplaning, micro needling (possibly my favorite because it is so effective) and filler. I am a very happy Babyface client.
— Christine

I have had my fair share of bad injectors to say the least! There are so many people out there these days its hard to figure out who really is better then the rest…….until I found Leigh! There is a reason she has the cliental she does. She is so honest and open with you and is the first person to tell you she doesn’t think you need something. Most injectors want your money and that’s it, however Leigh isn’t like that. She has such an art and skill for what she does, there is no one that compares to her. I’ve even been to the best in OC and Beverly Hills and she hands down wins over them all.
— Lindsay

Leigh is an amazing practitioner and artist. She cares as much about your experience and results as you do! I have been s client of Leigh’s for ten years… I follow her wherever she goes
— Dianne

Do you want to look AMAZING, more youthful and rested? Visit Baby Face and Leigh, who is an artist at sculpting your face. She is subtle in her approach in order to obtain the desired result. Leigh does not pressure you… she listens to what, you the customer, are looking to achieve. She is trustworthy, skilled, talented and professional. You will LOVE the results. Your face will be in good hands with Leigh
— Carreen

Leigh is an amazing injector who takes the time to provide her clients with the best correction using less product than others with less experience. Results are natural. She is educated in many types of filler so can choose the right one for each client and concern. Her space is beautifully decorated, clean and professional. The Babyface line of products is excellent. She also offers dermaplaning, which makes your skin soft and fuzz free. I highly recommend Leigh and have sent many friends to her.
— Rikki

Leigh is the best at what she does. You will receive a detailed consultation and she will never rush you through an appointment. She has a great eye for facial proportion and symmetry. If you are a Nervous Nelly this is the right person for you, I have personally brought in several friends for treatments who are pretty difficult customers and she can put even the most anxious at ease with her soothing manner. I always receive a followup call and if you are not satisfied she will get you in right away to correct any concern you may have. I would NEVER allow anyone else to touch my face!!! Also do your skin a favor and try her custom blended face cream. Hands down beats every other product I have tried. The results are always natural and never overdone, you just look refreshed and 10 years melt away! She personally has my vote for Best In Phoenix!
— Linda

I saw Leigh for botox and other injections for my lips. I will be recommending Leigh to all my girlfriends in the valley!! Leigh not only is an amazing artist, but she really cares and listens to what you want or need. So pleased with the results.
— Cheryl

I wanted to wait to write my review until the full effects of the botox had settled in and worked it’s magic. Leigh takes beauty to another level ! Upon arrival Leigh measured my face and had a full consultation with me describing my face and it’s proportions! Who knew I had wide set eyes! I really appreciated and enjoyed the time and care she took for this meeting. She administered the botox and was precise and painless in doing so. Upon leaving she set up a follow up appt , gave me a darling ice pack and gave me additional beauty tips and tricks. I was also so happy that I didn’t have any bruising or discoloration whatsoever. I was able to get photos taken that very night. Two weeks have passed by and I can honestly say, I am THRILLED with the results. It doesn’t look as though I am eternally surprised or perplexed. The results are soft, natural and utterly perfect. If you are looking for an experienced, amazing beauty guru in the Scottsdale area… Look no further! , Leigh Asher is your answer!
— Lakota

Excellent artistic and technical skill. I’m thrilled with my results. Use my Babyface Creme daily. Leigh is a true master at her craft
— Jill

I would not easily trust anyone else with my face! Leigh’s keen eye for facial aesthetics and decades of experience with injectables have made me follow her from various places of employment to her present location. Kind, compassionate, and thoughtful, Leigh is the consummate professional who always stays up-to-date with recent developments in her field. You are in good hands with her.
— Chandler

Babyface is the best place to have your appearance refreshed, by far! Lee is the consummate professional…I trust her judgement and expertise, so much, I would not dream of going to another person for my skin care. This is my face, we are talking about, here! Why would I take a chance on someone else who doesn’t have Lee’s training and experience in the latest procedures to eliminate lines and wrinkles? I just never have to worry about results at Babyface. The results are perfect for me, never too much, never too little!
— Janet

Leigh Asher is one of the most talented professionals out there. Her bedside manner is soothing and her experience and knowledge shines through. I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin! Her new product line is amazing and I feel I look years younger! She is very honest about what you need vs. what you want to spend. I fly from California to get my services done! Give her a call, you will not be disappointed!
— Suzanne

I have known Leigh Asher for many years! She is simply the best at Botox and filler! She listens to what you want and knows exactly where to inject. Her prices are so reasonable! Thank you Leigh
— Kelly

Leigh Asher, founder of BabyFace LLC, has more than 20 years nursing experience with advanced education and training in the aging process and in providing optimal rejuvenation solutions for her customers. A master injector, trainer, author and consultant, she has retained her loyal clients for more than 12 years. Why? Because she treats each client as an individual and listens to their specific goals for looking great. I highly recommend Leigh, and BabyFace, to anyone who cares about looking their best and feeling confident. See Leigh…and see the difference.
— Fran

I had the most amazing experience yesterday… But didn’t really “see” the new me until this morning .. I woke up to AMAZING skin… My makeup looks wonderful today,now with my smooth face! Thank you so much!! Can’t wait until the next time… I might look 30 again, with all your wonderful ways!
— Cindy

Leigh is Amazing..I had my first experience with injections today..She was so kind and thorough of everything that i needed to know before hand..She treated me as if i was her best friend, and the end result…Gorgeous…Thank you Leigh for making me feel Beautiful Again.
— Margarita

Leigh is one of the most talented artist and her work is Amazing! Her confidence and enthusiasm truly make you feel comfortable. I have been in the skin care industry for 26 years as an educator and Leigh by far hands down is the BEST! Thanks again Leigh!
— Lisa

I have been going to Leigh for about 7 or 8 years. Leigh is the master of the “Goldilocks” method:not too much, not too little…just right! Her BabyFace face cream IS THE BEST! You feel it working on your skin immediately; and it smells like pancakes with maple syrup!!! I never hesitate to recommend Leigh to anyone who asks me “what’s your secret”!
— Donna

Leigh is an artist with her injections! I love her work, my face has a youthful glow!
— Sandra