Benefits of Microneedling: vibrant & beautiful skin

Optimal skin health results from skin that is hydrated, rich in collagen, even-toned and resilient to touch. Our media bombards us with images of flawless skin resulting in patient expectations to achieve the glowing radiant skin seen in the media. Fortunately microneedling can help achieve that goal of vibrant, tighter and beautiful skin.

Although the concept of microneedling, dermal needling, or collagen induction therapy has been in the aesthetic industry for years, it is now considered by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical esthetic nurse specialists, and other professionals in the skincare industry as one of the top procedures for rejuvenating the skin. Using a device called a “pen” with a disposable cartridge of microneedles attached to the tip, this treatment has multiple applications. Although it is used primarily for improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, microneedling also treats acne scars, hyperpigmentation, surgical scars, acne and stretch marks.

The treatment creates micro channels at a varying depth of .5 - 2.5 millimeter into the skin surface. By applying serums and corrective skin agents during the treatment, the benefits of these corrective agents is more effective than applying topically to the skin. The micro channels created by the procedure serve as a controlled injury which results in stimulating collagen production during the subsequent weeks.

Many practitioners claim microneedling to be as effective as a micro-ablative laser without the heat and expense. Sound painful? With the application of topical numbing cream thirty minutes prior to initiating the procedure, most patients are quite comfortable during the procedure and feel like they have a mild sunburn for 1-2 days afterward. Down time is minimal and most clients return to normal activities the next day with strict avoidance of sun exposure for a week.

Patient testimonial:

“With all the skin treatments I have had, microneedling has make my skin look the best. I love it!”


Charlie Blair