Beauty Issues and Solutions for Each “Age Decade”


The lovely 20’s, also known as Neophytes (those who have not gotten injectables, aka virgin faces). They are still concerned with their skin, usually acne breakouts. Also, they are considering Botox as a preventive treatment for frown lines, and some are considering enhancing their lips!

Here are various solutions at BabyFaceLLC:

- BabyFace Medicated Cleanser

- Vi Peel, chemical peel

- Botox, Dysport

- Volbella for lips



Life happens — but it doesn’t have to show on your skin. In your 30’s, you start to show some lines and dark circles under the eyes, peach fuzz, and possible acne breakouts. Also, frown lines and forehead lines start to get deeper. Yikes!

Here are various solutions:

- BabyFace Restorative Eye Cream

- Botox, Dysport

- AquaGold for skin rejuvenation

- Dermaplaning (epidermal skin leveling)

- Babyface Primeshade



In your 40’s, your smile lines become deeper and are starting to shadow. Crow’s feet and hyperpigmentation start to appear, and you are starting to show volume loss in the face. Also, eyelid “ptosis" or drooping of the eyelids. Not to mention, the dry skin! Cheeks are starting to flatten under the eye and lips are starting to “shrink” and lose volume.

Here are various solutions:

BabyFace Skin Brightening Cream

BabyFace Restoration Eye Cream

BabyFace DNA Repair Cream

Botox, Dysport

Juvéderm/Restylane Silk for frown lines

AquaGold for skin rejuvenation


Voluma/Restylane Lyft in cheeks



In your 50’s, you continue to have volume loss in cheeks, temples, lower face and jawline. The “bar code” starts appearing above the upper lip and your lips lose their underlying foundation border and become smaller. The face shape starts changing from heart-shaped to long and rectangular. There is also laxity of skin on the neck.

Here are some great solutions to fight aging:

- Botox, Dysport

- Additional syringes, dermal fillers, needed for optimal results (Voluma, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Silk, Juvéderm)

- Vi Peel

- AquaGold for skin rejuvenation

- BabyFace Restoration Eye

- BabyFace Restoration Neck

- BabyFace Skin Brightening Cream

- BabyFace DNA Repair

- BabyFace Sensitive Cleanser



In your 60's, you will have continued loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin which creates sagging skin around the jawline. Also, muscle and bone loss creating a harsher appearance in the mid-face. Loose "bands" of skin in the neck region appear due to loosening and separating of the platysmal bands in the neck. In addition, continued ptosis of eyelids and hyperpigmentation of the skin.


- Kybella for neck fat

- Botox and Filler for smooth and contour peaks and valleys of the face, and relax dynamic wrinkles

- Skin brightening agents to even out skin tone

- Microneedling and chemical peeling to fade brown spots



With today's aging Baby Boomers, 70's is considered young. This age group is active and they want to look as good as they can. The primary complaint is sagging skin on the face and age from continued loss of bone, muscle, fat and collagen

Here are the beauty solutions:

- Fillers become even more important to volumize temples, cheeks and lower face. More syringes is indicated than someone who is 40

- Skin Brightening Cream for age spots, solar lentigines

- Chemical Peels and AquaGold to refresh skin texture

- Botox to soften dynamic expression lines


In summary, no matter what your age there are aesthetic treatments from which you can benefit. The questions to ask yourself are:

- What are your aesthetic goals?

- What is your lifestyle in relation to sun exposure, smoking and other aging factors?

- How often are you willing to come for treatments?

- What is your budget for aesthetic treatments?

Your skin tells your story. The options you have for a soft natural look for any age are there. A customized treatment plan for you will result in a soft natural look, one treatment at a time.

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Charlie Blair